Medisinsk genetisk avdeling tilbyr rensing og kapillærelektroforese av dine egne sekvensreaksjoner. Vi tilbyr også fragmentanalyse.

Kontakt: sekvenslab@unn.no

Our lab is equipped with two Applied Biosystems 3500xl Genetic Analyzers. We offer purification and capillary electrophoresis of your own generated sequence reactions. We also offer fragment analysis.

Estimated turnover rate is one to two business days (if you deliver samples before noon).

Sample delivery

Plan L.6 in the MH-building. In the refrigerator in the corridor.

  • Label the tubes with a short code (preferably your initials) plus a number.
  • Only use tubes in strips. Multiple single tubes will not be accepted.
  • Fill in the required fields on the requisition form.
  • Place your samples in the refrigerator.


Your completed sequencing results will be made available to you by e-mail.

For samples sent by mail

  • Request a requisition form (sekvenslab@unn.no).
  • Label your samples and fill out the requisition form as above.
  • Cover your samples with parafilm or equivalent.
  • Use padded envelopes.

Delivery address

Medisinsk genetisk avdeling
v/ Sekvenslaben
Universitetssykehuset Nord Norge HF
Postboks 55
9019 Tromsø

Cost of sequencing services

Current rates for sequencing and fragment analysis:

  • Purification and capillary electrophoresis of sequences: NOK 40,- /reaction.
  • Fragment analysis: NOK 20,- /reaction.
Sist oppdatert 25.06.2021